My site was hacked. I am not sure when it was hacked but possibly a few months ago. I only realised when the hack was randomly redirecting access to a malware site that was getting blocked by my work firewall.

I shall write a longer post at some point explaining what I got wrong, and the one thing had got most importantly right. In the meantime, I had to restore to a backup taken a while ago, so I may have lost some comments on articles. I also deleted the 20,000 (yes 20000) registered spam users, along with any genuine ones and new user reg is locked down for now until I get reCaptcha working.

How to do home ozone

It’s been one week since I got back home. I’ve had the worst jet lag I’ve ever had in my whole life, coupled with crazy insomnia, and I feel pretty awful. For that reason I am not going to re-score my symptom list yet as I want a true representation.

In the meantime, I’m going to tell you how to get your home ozone setup working. I bought myself a Promolife O3Elite kit which comes with the pieces to perform home insufflations and ozonate water.

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Pre-Cyprus Lyme Status

I thought I’d write a few things down about my current state of health affairs, prior to heading to Cyprus next week. This is partly so I can record “the before” and compare to how I feel when I get back, and partly because I want folks reading this to understand how awful Lyme is on a daily basis. This is important not because I want sympathy, but because it can’t be said enough about how this is a hidden disease. Most people suffering will be trying to hide it, not show it, so they can have some semblance of a normal life.

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